Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Sunday, November 14, 2010

No Caden Yet, but Ballerina Rylie is Here

Caden seems to be a late comer. We are 5 days late and counting. The fun thing we learned today was that when Caden does come Rylie will no longer be a horse, she will then become a unicorn. She has been a horse for months so it will be fun to have a unicorn for a while.

Rylie also started ballet last week. We had thought that grandma Disney would have to take her since it was the day after Caden was due, but since we are still waiting on him all 3 of us got to take her to the 1st class. We don't get to watch since they are better listeners when mom and dad aren't in the room. Rylie thought it was a lot of fun. They had a yellow dot sticker on the floor that they had to stand on and then put their left foot out and point their toe, then do the same with the right foot. She seemed a little surprised that the did not teach the class how to spin around with their hands over their heads and they don't stand on their tip toes. I'm just waiting for her to ask where the dishwasher is so that she can use the handle for a ballerina bar.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Less than 4 weeks to Go

So we are counting down the days until baby Caden gets here. Part of me wonders if Rylie has given up hope that he will ever come. She is funny though, I asked her yesterday if she had a boyfriend, and she said yes, Caden. Huh, not really true, but cute. She will also tell you what she is going to do when baby Caden comes, she is going to help give him a bath, because he will be dirty when he comes out of mommy's tummy. She is going to put soap on her hands then put the soap on him. Every week it is something new. The best was when she told me that when he comes out of my tummy we are going to have to put his head back on because it will pop off. Not sure where that came from. For a while she would tell you that baby Caden will pop out of mommy's tummy and fly up in the air, then fall on the floor, then fly up in the air, then fall on the floor. Guess this proves you don't remember anything about being born. We have also been talking about her being done with daycare for a while. When I asked if she was sure she wanted to stay home from daycare I was told yes, but she wanted to take her baby Caden into school to meet her friends. Maybe when she is older and doesn't like her brother I can bring up that before he was born he was HER baby Caden. Best of all she still remembers who is going to change all the dirty diapers...Dad!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. They had a lot of animals that you could pet. As Rylie was walking back from seeing the birds she feel into the dirt and started to cry because she was dirty. We then showed her the pig, who was very dirty and she stopped crying. She got to see some furry cows, some ponies, a very old horse, a couple donkeys and a potbelly pig. She liked the black pony...aka Black Beauty, but he would not come when she called. She thought the potbelly pig was pokey. She went on a hay ride. And she got to pick out her pumpkin after dad picked out her first pumpkin...she now says the big pumpkin that dad picked out his dad's pumpkin where as the little one she picked out is her pumpkin. I don't think dad has figured that one out yet. Oh and by the time we left Rylie found great joy in playing in the dirt. She has now said that she has to play in dirt because she is a horse and that is what horses like to do. I keep trying to remind her of the dirty pig and how pigs like to play in dirt not horses.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can Baby Caden Come Now?

We were tying to explain to Rylie when Caden would be here, so we told her that he would be here after Halloween. A few days later she came to us and said lets have Halloween now so that baby Caden can come. We thought maybe we needed to also add a situation that was not in her control, so we said we also have to wait for the leaves to fall off the trees. Well one night we were walking through the neighborhood and someone had cut a bunch of branches off a tree and it looked like a pile of leaves. Rylie points and says look the leaves are falling off the trees, now can baby Caden come? The poor kid she can't catch a break with getting to be a big sister. Well now we have 6 weeks left and the leaves are falling off the trees and stores have Halloween out, so hopefully she understands that it will be soon for baby Caden to come.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Friday night while sitting on the potty, Rylie began to cry. When we asked what was wrong she told us that she had hit Lily on the head at school that day. We asked why did you hit Lily? To which she told us that when she told Lily she was a ballerina princess, Lily told her she was not. Therefore she hit her on the head. We are not sure if she got in trouble at school for this, but we do know that the guilt did hit her that night. Well what do you say, don't hit that is not nice and of course you are a ballerina princess.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shoe Shopping

Saturday night we went to a couple stores. Rylie and I went to Marshalls while daddy got some new shoes. Will I was looking at some shoes for Rylie, she picked up a shoe box and looked inside. Then I started to walk away and she followed with the shoe box. I said "what you got?" To which she replies, "I'm going to buy these for my baby Caden". They were a pair of boy black and white canvas shoes. I had to tell her that buying baby Caden shoes right now as not a great idea, because babies don't wear shoes and when he does wear shoes we will need to be sure to buy him some that fit. She seemed okay with that and put them back.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Learning about Sports

This past week the daycare topic of the week was sports. On Monday we were told to talk to our kids about what sports they have played. Dad did not read the sheet when picking Rylie up so I got to be the one to teach her about sports. Right off the bat I told her that the best sport was shopping. To which she said "no mom, Capris (her teacher) said shopping was not a sport". Dad did not think that me telling Rylie that shopping was sport was a very good thing. I tried to defend my answer saying that it involves competition and skill, and if you get a good deal then you win. I then decided we offer her a number of options for sports: swimming, biking, ballet, even basketball. Then it hit me her sure to be favorite back riding.
On Tuesday when I picked Rylie up her teacher came to tell me how proud she was of Rylie, when they had asked the kids to name sports that day in school the kids threw out answers like "purple" "hat" and then our little Rylie was the only one to name an actual sport...Horse Back Ridding. She was so excited to tell everyone that it was a sport. I was kind of sad that she didn't share shopping as a sport and when I told her teacher that she said at the level that most kids were naming sports, shopping might have been a pretty good answer. I guess we are lucky she actually named a sport. Smarty Pants:)