Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We went trick or treating tonight. Rylie had a great time. She told me that she wanted to "trick or treat all long night." Mom took her to about 20 houses and she got a ton of great candy. I only had to carry her to the last 3 houses. She was pretty good at saying trick or treat and thanks-welcome, she even told a few people she would see them tomorrow. Every time she saw other kids she got all excited to see all the "boys," for some reason all kids are boys. We also went to a house that was playing scary music, I told her it was spooky and all she did was start to dance. When we came back home she wanted to look at all her candy and eat everything. But she only got to have a few M&M before Dad took her back out. They went to about 20 more house and as soon as they go to the point where they were going to turn around to head back she tells dad she is tired and needs carried. I don't think they hit may houses on the way back. She got to had out some treat to trick or treaters after she got home. One little boy who lived in our court came dressed as a dinosaur, Rylie was excited to see the dinosaur; which at dinner tonight Rylie decided she would rather be a dinosaur than a dalmatian, maybe next year. She was exhausted at bedtime. She got a bath to take off all the face paint and fell right asleep after her book. I wonder what she will think tomorrow when she can't go trick or treating for another year.

"Where is Cookie?"

We have begun to learn a big downfall to mom picking up from daycare...Cookie is still at work when Mom and Rylie get home:( Rylie hates to leave Cookie (her stuffed dog) for any reason he comes everywhere, but stays in the car, because dogs are not allowed in Target. Well in the morning he goes with Dad and Rylie to daycare, but has to stay in the car. Well everyday when I get to daycare to pick up Rylie's first works are "where is Cookie?" to which I reply "at work with dad." We have been trying to explain that if she leaves Cookie at home with Nala and Kodi, where dogs belong, then Cookie will be home when Rylie gets there, but she can't bring herself to leave him at home come morning. Well the other day we got home and she was reaching at the refrigerator and I thought she was thirsty but no...Cookie was on top of the refrigerator, Dad had finally won. Not that it lasted. I think Dad's motivation to leave Cookie at home is more due to the fact that as soon as he gets home Rylie runs to him...not because she is happy to see him...because "where is Cookie?". Now she can't figure out that if she leave Cookie at home during the day it is better for her, but then come today, she gets done with lunch and I say "are you ready for a nap?" To which she replies "no, I just woke up." Now how can she understand that? Well tonight is Trick or Treating and the big question will be if Cookie gets to go too?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Maple Grove's Halloween Event

We went to a Halloween event this weekend for little kids in Maple Grove. They had easy games for them to play, such as roll the pumpkin down the hill. For playing the games the kids got a piece of candy or some other prize. Rylie got 2 suckers...which due to a lack of knowledge she decided that they were called Dingle-Hoppers. Where did she came up with that name you ask? Well on the movie "The Little Mermaid" the seagull does not know what a fork is and he tells her it is a Dingle-Hopper. So as much as we try to tell Rylie they they are suckers, she is sure they are Dingle-Hoppers. She also got a balloon animal, it was a dog for about 2 minutes before it came apart, but then she decided that it was a snake. Pair that up with the glow in the dark bracelet that would not stay in a circle and she had a mommy snake and a baby snake. Rylie had a very good time, every day she gets down her Halloween Basket and admires the treasures that she got.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winter?...Oh look at the Snow!

Winter apparently decided to come early this year. Saturday morning we woke to snow, then on Monday it snowed even more. Rylie was pretty excited about the look of snow, but didn't know what to think of the feel of snow. At daycare they spent Monday morning outside playing in the snow. They built a snowman. He was actually pretty big, which surprised me since typically the early snows do not stick that well. We were the smart family this year and we bought her snow boots on Sunday so she was all ready to play in the snow. That is one thing you learn working in merchandising at the kids boots as soon as they hit stores, otherwise they are gone. I have to say the snow excites me about as much as it does Rylie. With the new commute it did slow me down a bit, I was about 3 minutes later than normal, what do you do when you work less than 5 miles from home?
Rylie also got her seasonal flu shot yesterday. I think she cried more in the waiting room because they had not toys (removed due to H1N1 I suppose) and I wouldn't let her read the books (same thought as removing the toys). She cried when they gave her the shot, but the nurse made up for the pain with the My Little Pony sticker she got afterwards...kind of like they planned on Rylie being there.
Grandma Disney arrived Rylie and her will have a fun fill rest of the week at home. I am sure Rylie will want to watch Cinderella or Bambi all long day. Though the plan is to make some homemade play dough and a cake. The big test will be if Rylie actually takes a nap for Grandma Disney. She fights that on Saturday's and I tell you, Sunday is never fun after a non-nap Saturday. Crabby! I'll be sure to update you on the fun days.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Taking Care of Her Big Sisters

So the dogs had been out in the rain for a while tonight. They come in all wet and are laying on the sofa. Rylie goes to pet them and realizes they are wet...what to do? Oh yes, if it is wet dry it off. So I suggest that she get a towel. At that she moves a kitchen chair so that she can reach the top of the table and gets a napkin. She then takes it to Nala and wipes her off, then she wipes off Kodi. The napkin is soaking wet now. So I tell her to throw it again and I get her a real towel, she then spends 15 minutes going back and forth between the 2 dogs drying them off. I don't think they thought it was cute...but I sure did. Boy does she lover her puppies:)