Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Learning about Sports

This past week the daycare topic of the week was sports. On Monday we were told to talk to our kids about what sports they have played. Dad did not read the sheet when picking Rylie up so I got to be the one to teach her about sports. Right off the bat I told her that the best sport was shopping. To which she said "no mom, Capris (her teacher) said shopping was not a sport". Dad did not think that me telling Rylie that shopping was sport was a very good thing. I tried to defend my answer saying that it involves competition and skill, and if you get a good deal then you win. I then decided we offer her a number of options for sports: swimming, biking, ballet, even basketball. Then it hit me her sure to be favorite back riding.
On Tuesday when I picked Rylie up her teacher came to tell me how proud she was of Rylie, when they had asked the kids to name sports that day in school the kids threw out answers like "purple" "hat" and then our little Rylie was the only one to name an actual sport...Horse Back Ridding. She was so excited to tell everyone that it was a sport. I was kind of sad that she didn't share shopping as a sport and when I told her teacher that she said at the level that most kids were naming sports, shopping might have been a pretty good answer. I guess we are lucky she actually named a sport. Smarty Pants:)

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