Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Disney and Nanny

Grandma and Grandpa Disney came up for Thanksgiving with Nanny to celebrate an early Christmas. Rylie had a lot of fun opening presents and Grandpa Disney was a big help with the presents. Grandma Disney couldn't help open them because their dog Maddy was so afraid of Nala and Kodi that she would not get off of Grandma Disney's lap. Rylie got some horses, a sleeping bag, books, Ariel, and fake food. Nanny got her some doll furniture with a baby doll. It was a lot of fun feeding the baby the fake food. Rylie especially enjoyed the "coke" which she wanted to share with everyone.

Sunday Morning

Rylie: "Daddy I need a drink".
Daddy: "Would like milk?"
Rylie: "No"
Daddy: "How about orange juice?"
Rylie: "No Daddy, I want a special drink."
Daddy: " about some chocolate milk?"
Rylie: "Yes, that is a special Drink"

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Everybody Shake It

I Have Sticky Hands

Rylie has this thing where when her hands are dirty after eating she tells us that she has sticky hands, then she knows we will wipe them off for her. Last weekend Dad put her down for a nap. This is a very hard thing for her to do on weekends (nap) so typically she plays in her room alone for a while or will cry for a while before falling asleep. So after a while of fussing Dad went up to check on her. She says "Daddy I have sticky hands." This is a bit odd because she has no food in her room. So Eric turns on the light and she has poop on her hands. She had put her hand in her diaper after going poop and was not happy to now have it on her hands. I am down stairs and Eric yells..."Lindsay get up here!" It was actually pretty funny, most likely because she didn't touch anything after doing it. Just to be safe we did quick take off all her clothes and bedding to be washed. All I can think is how lucky it was that Eric turned on the lights before checking her hands...I don't think I would have done that.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The World at Night

It continues to get darker earlier each day on top of the fact that I was downtown this afternoon, the normal daily pickup was a bit different today. Rylie and I went out to the car, and she says to me..."kind of dark outside, time to go night night." That was the common phrase over the summer, we may need to re-think that now, that is if we plan on seeing any bit of Rylie. I did tell her that she couldn't go night night because we had not eaten dinner, that really gave her something to think about. To through off our normal ride home, I also did not have the van, which to Rylie means no TV:( She was very quite on the way home, then as we are driving through our neighborhood she yells out "Kind of Like SPARKLEWORKS!" which was really just a house with the Christmas lights on. Sparkleworks is her My Little Pony who has fireworks on its butt. She has been obsessed with this pony for many months, and only resently did we finally win one on eBay. It is one from a few years back that is mentioned in some of the My Little Pony books. Anything that sparkles or lights up is kind of like Sparkleworks; fireworks, stars, Christmas lights. On the way up to take a bath, Rylie looks outside and tells me that Bambi's fly in the sky like birds. Now I am sure she is referring to Santa's reindeer, but I am not sure where she learned about that. I keep trying to read her Christmas books at bedtime, but she does not want us to read her stories right now...the closest we can get is to go through picture books and let her tell us what the pictures are. Maybe someday soon she can read us the bedtime stories.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who is Santa...I want to go see Bambi!

Friday night we put Rylie to bed and told her that in the morning we would go see Santa and Bambi. That was not the thing to say. She went to bed great, but the next day all she could talk about was going to see Bambi. We had to wait about 45 minutes to see Santa, which she did a good job and sat on his lap. She didn't cry, but getting her to smile was a bit hard.

They also had a fire truck that you could get your picture by, the fireman asked Rylie what grade she was in...we replied that she was 2. She is bit big for her age, but come on, I don't think she could pass for kindergarten quite yet.

After seeing Santa we had to wait about 30 more minutes for the Reindeer (aka. Bambi) to come out. That was the high light of her day. The bad part was that so many people were trying to get around the small area that it was hard to get up to see them. I have to say many of the adults were worse than the kids. One lady was petting the Reindeer for so long, come on, there are little kids that want to do that. Anyway Rylie did get her turn and was very pleased to get to see Bambi. So on Sunday we were going to go get lunch and she runs out the door to the car to "Go See BAMBI!!!" Poor kid, Bambi is a once a year event. The good news is that our neighbor got a bunch of the light up deer for her back yard, so one of these days when she turns them on, Rylie will be so excited to see that the Bambi's that live at Target (she calls them out every time we go) now live next door. We are also thinking of getting a couple for our yard, so that she can spend the evenings watching Bambi out the window.
This afternoon we put of the Christmas decorations. Rylie was napping while we did it and when she woke up and saw her singing dog from last Christmas she was trilled. Her first words were "That is Mine!" Then she would push his paw so that he would be "Singing to me". She kept pulling Eric and I over to see him and kept telling us to "Tie it" (Try it). Then the Christmas Tree broke (mom's fault) and she got sad and gave it a hug and a kiss. Dad finally got the Tree fixed, he used screws rather than the original idea of duct tape. And Rylie got into the fun of hang the ornaments, that was until she found a couple horse ornaments, and that was the end of Rylie helping. I am pretty sure those ornaments will not end up on the tree this year, they may get to spend the season with the rest of the horses, in the basket under the TV.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun at School

Rylie must be tasting good again, she has gotten bit twice at daycare this week. We had this issue when she was in the infant room and they told us that it never happens in the infant room but that it is a big problem in the toddler room. I guess the good thing is that she is not the one doing the bitting, but when she was in the infant room they said the kids usually work it out themselves by bitting back, so I kind of wonder why doesn't she bit back, most likely because she is too nice and doesn't know what bitting is. That or she knows that it hurts because she keeps getting bit.
Yesterday when Eric dropped her off at school the teacher and kids were looking at pictures in a book and one picture was of a horse, so the teacher says "Rylie will want to see this, Rylie come here, what is that?" to which Rylie reply's "That is kind of like Sparkleworks!" the teacher says "no Rylie that is a horse" and Rylie says "kind of like Sparkleworks." Now Eric is standing there through this whole thing but does not think to explain to the teacher that Sparkleworks is a My Little Pony, Rylie's favorite one that she just finally got this week. We had this same issue when she kept asking the teachers for Cookie...she wanted her dog Cookie...they thought she was talking about the food.