Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Friday, January 29, 2010

No Bananas For Dad

The other night Eric got a banana for a snack. He sits down on the couch and Rylie comes over and asks to have the banana. Eric figures he can just get another one so he gives her his. Rylie eats the banana all gone. Eric then goes and gets a banana for himself. As he sits down Rylie comes over and asks if she can have his 2nd banana. He can't tell her no, so she got banana #2. Eric was sure to get the 3rd banana while Rylie was still eating her second so that she couldn't take that one too.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Walking with Dinosaurs?

About a year ago Walking with Dinosaurs came to Minneapolis. It is a show where they bring in these huge dinosaurs that are people dressed up but HUGE and they walk about the basketball arena. As soon as Eric saw the commercial he was all about going to see it. For the reason that Rylie was only 1 and because it was such a short showing we didn't go. Well all he has talked about since is going to see this next time it is here. Well they don't have any showing in Minneapolis, but it is going to Chicago in July and Eric is ready to pack up and go. He showed Rylie the commercial online and she said that "this is my new favorite show." I am worried because in the commercial they are interviewing kids who are about kindergarten age and they are saying how scary it is, and we are going to take a 2, at that point almost 3 year old? So I come up with the idea to let Rylie watch Jurassic Park, if that doesn't scare her then nothing will. So we watched it. She was pretty involved, which is not normal with real people movies, she much prefers the cartoons. There were parts when she would sit and shake. She was very concerned at the part when there was a dinosaur in the car, to which dad told her it is always important to check the car for dinosaurs before getting in. We did cover her eyes for the part when the man is eaten on the potty, mostly because we don't want to cause her fear of potties as we are trying to potty train her. Then at the end when they are being chased by the little mean dinosaurs and the T-Rex comes in, she was so excited that the nice T-Rex saved the people from the mean little dinosaurs. It was so nice that she could see something positive out of that ending. I guess we will see what happens in July if we go see Walking with Dinosaurs, I still have my fears.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


On Wednesday Rylie got to spend the day in the Pre1 room (1st level preschool room) here is what they had to say about her day:

Rylie had a super day visiting pre 1. She explored the room. She liked mixing red and white paint to make pink paint. She played on the big playground:)

We asked Rylie afterwords if she wanted to go back to preschool and she said no. We think the reason for this is because she really loves her teachers in the toddler room. But the funny thing is that when we told the teachers this they were surprised and said that when ever the door between the rooms is open Rylie runs right over to the preschool room. She was also the only one to volunteer to go on Wednesday when they asked all the kids who wanted to go. Now we really want her to move for good for the tuition decrease and the fact that they told us that once kids move to that room most are potty trained in 2 weeks. That means a savings on not having to buy so many diapers. They said that typically kids move at 31 months of age, but that is depending on what other moves are needed at daycare. We are hoping February or March will be the magic time.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Learning to Sleep In?

Rylie has been getting better about sleeping in her big girl bed these last few nights. This morning I went into her big girl room to wake her up for school. She was tired and didn't want to get up. Go figure on Monday morning she wants to sleep in, when on Saturday and Sunday she was up a 1/2 hour earlier than on school days. Anyway this morning I told her to stay asleep and I'd carry her to her baby room and get her dressed. She didn't go for that. So she got dressed and I put her down to walk to the bathroom. I went ahead of her and got her toothbrush all ready and the comb and rubber bands out, but Rylie had not followed me. So I go back to her baby room to see what she is doing and she had gotten in her baby bad and gone back to sleep. Maybe there is hope that Rylie will take after her mom when it comes to sleeping in:-)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Rylie Dictionary

Some Words that were created by Rylie for Rylie:

Glassable - meaning breakable

Cornahorna - meaning unicorn

BirdDuck - meaning how Bambi says "Bird"

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Late Christmas with the Eden Side

The Eden side of the family was finally able to get a break in the crazy snowy weather and come up to Minnesota this past weekend. The snow tied to keep them away yet again, but was a little too early. Rylie was excited about the grandma coming so that she could get more presents, it had been a bit of a break since Christmas and the new toy thrill was beginning to wear off. All week she was telling us that she wanted horses and books. She got to help me put the Christmas presents under the tree on Friday night which was pretty exciting for her. She was very persist as to where she put each present. She didn't get to wait up for everyone to get here, but was very excited for her 3rd Christmas morning on Saturday. I think she assisted everyone in opening their presents as well as all her own. I guess she is lucky that she is the only child so there is no competition. She was trilled to get the My Little Pony Nursery from Aunt Erin and Uncle John and of course she got more horse from Grandma Dayle and Grandpa John...just what she asked for. She got a lot more presents and has been pretty busy playing with all the new gifts. When we went out for a couple house on Sunday all she wanted to do was go home to play with her toys. In addition to all the Christmas fun, Nala made a new best friend or at least Charly (Erin and John's dog) made a new best friend in Nala. The good new for Erin and John is that Charly had so much fun that she may sleep for a week.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eden Christmas 2009 (34 photos), by Lindsay Eden

I'd like to share my Snapfish photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's Talk

While we were home all last week, we got in the habit of "talking" about the days events after Rylie had her bedtime story. We would talk about the movie she saw, then the swimming pool, etc. Each night the talking got longer because we would recap all the past events. Rylie enjoyed this and instead of going to bed would ask to "talk". After we finished the major adventures we just asked her what she wanted to talk about, mostly it was about her riding Spirit's Mom round and round and up and down (the Carousel at the Mall of America). Tonight I finally got a new topic out of her...she wanted to tell me what everyone was afraid of:
  • "Nala is afraid of Monsters"
  • "Kodi is afraid of People"
  • "Rylie is afraid of T-Rex"
  • "Mommy is afraid of Triceratops"
  • "Daddy is afraid of Funny Looking Dinosaurs" (see photo below)

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Pet

The fun was suppose to be done, and then we went to Target, who had all their toys on clearance and dad and Rylie got some new fun...

Meet our new pet...Spike