Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The World at Night

It continues to get darker earlier each day on top of the fact that I was downtown this afternoon, the normal daily pickup was a bit different today. Rylie and I went out to the car, and she says to me..."kind of dark outside, time to go night night." That was the common phrase over the summer, we may need to re-think that now, that is if we plan on seeing any bit of Rylie. I did tell her that she couldn't go night night because we had not eaten dinner, that really gave her something to think about. To through off our normal ride home, I also did not have the van, which to Rylie means no TV:( She was very quite on the way home, then as we are driving through our neighborhood she yells out "Kind of Like SPARKLEWORKS!" which was really just a house with the Christmas lights on. Sparkleworks is her My Little Pony who has fireworks on its butt. She has been obsessed with this pony for many months, and only resently did we finally win one on eBay. It is one from a few years back that is mentioned in some of the My Little Pony books. Anything that sparkles or lights up is kind of like Sparkleworks; fireworks, stars, Christmas lights. On the way up to take a bath, Rylie looks outside and tells me that Bambi's fly in the sky like birds. Now I am sure she is referring to Santa's reindeer, but I am not sure where she learned about that. I keep trying to read her Christmas books at bedtime, but she does not want us to read her stories right now...the closest we can get is to go through picture books and let her tell us what the pictures are. Maybe someday soon she can read us the bedtime stories.

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  1. We have the same problem with night nights. Janelle goes on and on how it is too late. LOL. We call it the same thing too!