Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Deer Watching

On Saturday we went to a forest preserve near our house for their weekly deer watching. We thought that Rylie would get a kick out of seeing the "Bambis". We got really lucky, as soon as we got there some deer began to arrive. They had a building/nature center that you stood in and right outside the window they had corn out for the deer. There were 2 rooms on different sides of the building so for a while there were 3 deer on each side. It was still dusk out so you could see them very well. The bad news was that there were cross country skiers who stopped to watch from outside and scared the deer off. They then brought out some coloring pages so we could wait for the deer to come back. They did come back, but Rylie had lost interest, she found something more fun that deer...a big black snake that they had in the building in a glass cage. He must have been 5ft and was very social. If you put your hand to the glass he would follow it. Rylie and dad spent most the time watching him while mom watched the deer. The funny part was when Rylie saw the squirrels who were also eating the corn, she thought they were skunk...must be that Bambi thing again. We were not there much longer than a half hour, but it was a fun experience, for mom anyway.

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