Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Monday, June 28, 2010

Back from a Break

So I kind of took a break from the blog for awhile. Mostly it was due to pregnancy #2 and the overwhelming need for sleep. Well now that 2nd trimester is here, sleep is not as needed so lets recap:

Early March: Trip to Chicago and the Shedd Aquarium
We thought it would be fun to take Rylie to see Grandma and Grandpa Disney and go see the Dolphins. This was also a test for the pre-Disney trip that was going to happen at the end of April. Not to test Rylie but to test if Grandpa Disney could handle an all day trip to the Magic Kingdom or if he would need to bring his own car along. Grandpa Disney failed the test (see next recap). He was pretty much ready to leave the Shedd when we got there. The line was a little too much just to buy tickets. Rylie on the other hand thought the Shedd was great. She got to see the dolphin show, which also included Beluga Whales and a sea lion. She got a dolphin stuffed animal which she named Lucky all on her own. She was also very excited to see the sharks, though they were kind of scary. Overall the trip was a success.

Late April: Trip to Disney World
This was the trip of her life. It started off with a ride on a school bus (not really a school bus, but to her all buses are school buses), this was a big deal. Then we got to take a plan ride. We had prepared her for this since the day she saw an airplane in the sky, telling her “look an airplane, they go to see Mickey Mouse”. So every time she see’s an airplane she says, “look they are going to see Mickey Mouse”. (We now need to fix that because the next time we take an airplane it will be to Uncle Spencer’s wedding and I don’t think Mickey Mouse will be there). We had 3 flights to get to Disney with 1 plane switch in Chicago. She thought landing was great and she got to do a lot of it. The first full day we spent at the Magic Kingdom. We got there nice and early and followed through on the plan to stay until close. Rylie’s first ride was the Goofy Roller Coaster which she really wanted to go on even though mom told her it was scary and that mom would not go on it. Ended up it was really scary. She then got to go to Minnie’s house, to see the Princesses (this was her high light of the trip) before more rides (tea cups, Winnie the Poop, Peter Pan, Small World) all of which were scary. We think maybe we should have held off on the roller coaster until later in the trip, that may have been what put the fear into her. At lunch time she was pretty crabby and would not eat anything…this was the point where Grandpa Disney decided he had had enough fun for the day and went home. After that Rylie turned around…I think it was because of her favorite ride, Cinderella’s Carousel, not because Grandpa Disney left. We rode the Carousel about 3 times and she was thrilled. We went on some more rides, they started to get better, not as scary. We also spent a lot of time looking for a Bambi stuffed animal. Of course the one thing she really wanted was next to impossible to find, but we did find it. After dinner Grandma Disney got a call from Ariel (a former co-workers daughter) and we went to a special meeting with her. It was a feat too get to see her, but it was the best part of the trip for Rylie. She got a private meeting and Ariel hugged Mom, Dad and Grandma Disney, not just Rylie. She got a lot of pictures with her and Ariel talked about how next time they could go swimming together (we are still hearing about this today). Ariel gave Rylie a big kiss on the cheek, leaving a lipstick mark, to which Rylie was very proud of. After the visit we watched the fireworks, which she really liked, then we headed home (11pm). It was a long day. The second day we went to Animal Kingdom. Rylie enjoyed seeing the animals. She got a Thumper to go with Bambi as well as Nala and Simba stuffed animals. Her favorite part was the dinosaur statutes. She wanted to see all of them and have her picture taken with them. This is not at all like Rylie, she doesn’t like to have her picture taken, but how do you miss the chance at having it taken with dinosaurs? She got some pictures taken with other characters, but they were all kind of scary. This was a much shorter day and a nice end to the trip.

Summer Activities: June/July
Rylie got to go to our city’s Father Hennepin Festival with Grandma and Grandpa Disney. She got to ride a pony, which looked like Rain, this was the highlight of the day. She was concerned that the pony was stuck in the fence and wanted to take it home to live in the back yard. (I can’t get Eric to pick up after the dogs, could you imagine a pony). She also rode a Carousel, a car and a train. It was fun but Grandpa Disney got board and we had to go home. Rylie got to go to the zoo with Grandma Dayle, Grandpa John and Aunt Erin which was fun. But the best part was that they had a Carousel which is always a hit. She got a horse comb and a horse cookie cutter, that was very special for her. The sad thing was when we made cookies with the cookie cutter they puffed up so big they didn’t really look like horses, and she wanted to eat the one circle cookie that was made from the remaining batter first. Swimming has been the activity of choice for most weekends. Rylie is very happy just playing in the baby pool for hours on end most weekends. The big thing we must remember is to either fill it up very early or mom ends up carrying out a lot of buckets of hot water because it is too cold.
Big Sister Knowledge: Current
We have been talking a lot about Rylie becoming a big sister in November. She seems pretty excited about the idea. She understands that her old baby room is now the new babies room. She has requested that the baby get her a big Dalmatian stuffed animal for her birthday (don’t worry he is). I am more concerned with the potty training. I told Rylie that mommy can’t change her diapers and the babies diapers, to which she told me it was okay she would change the babies diapers. I’m not betting on that one. She got to go with for the 20 week ultrasound and see them take pictures of the baby, she seemed very interested in that experience. She has also latched onto a name for him. I suggested to Eric one night the name Caden and now Rylie is sure that the baby is named Caden. If you offer up another suggestion she turns it down. The only other name she came up with one day was Poopie, but luckily that didn’t last. I think the name is growing on Eric, as he is the only one not sold on Caden. Rylie may turn that around within the next few weeks.

Potty Training: Current
We are also hitting potty training strong right now. She got to take a potty seat to school, after learning that a big issue is her fear of falling in the potty at school. Then yesterday we bought a bunch of small prizes for the “Potty Bucket” so every time she goes in the potty she gets a prize. This has had its benefits and it’s downfalls. The benefit was she told me for the first time last night that she had to pee. The downfalls were she would not get off the potty because she really wanted a prize. We explained that if she drank water and read a book that she might have to go then, so she did and that was when she told us she had to pee. Then about an hour later she called again that she had to pee, we were a bit late that time. The other downfall was that the first prize was great for about 30 minutes then she wanted to trade it in for something different, this went on for about 3 trades. She was very upset about the prizes and it was getting close to 10pm so we finally had to stop the prize trades. This morning though she was dry and when we sat on the potty she peed and got another prize. The big test will be if she goes at daycare. That is the key to all this potty training business, we need her teacher to follow through with the trying. Her second prize from the potty bucket was blue nail polish, so for the 4th of July we gave Rylie red, white and blue toes.

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