Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Where is Cookie?"

We have begun to learn a big downfall to mom picking up from daycare...Cookie is still at work when Mom and Rylie get home:( Rylie hates to leave Cookie (her stuffed dog) for any reason he comes everywhere, but stays in the car, because dogs are not allowed in Target. Well in the morning he goes with Dad and Rylie to daycare, but has to stay in the car. Well everyday when I get to daycare to pick up Rylie's first works are "where is Cookie?" to which I reply "at work with dad." We have been trying to explain that if she leaves Cookie at home with Nala and Kodi, where dogs belong, then Cookie will be home when Rylie gets there, but she can't bring herself to leave him at home come morning. Well the other day we got home and she was reaching at the refrigerator and I thought she was thirsty but no...Cookie was on top of the refrigerator, Dad had finally won. Not that it lasted. I think Dad's motivation to leave Cookie at home is more due to the fact that as soon as he gets home Rylie runs to him...not because she is happy to see him...because "where is Cookie?". Now she can't figure out that if she leave Cookie at home during the day it is better for her, but then come today, she gets done with lunch and I say "are you ready for a nap?" To which she replies "no, I just woke up." Now how can she understand that? Well tonight is Trick or Treating and the big question will be if Cookie gets to go too?

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