Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winter?...Oh look at the Snow!

Winter apparently decided to come early this year. Saturday morning we woke to snow, then on Monday it snowed even more. Rylie was pretty excited about the look of snow, but didn't know what to think of the feel of snow. At daycare they spent Monday morning outside playing in the snow. They built a snowman. He was actually pretty big, which surprised me since typically the early snows do not stick that well. We were the smart family this year and we bought her snow boots on Sunday so she was all ready to play in the snow. That is one thing you learn working in merchandising at the kids boots as soon as they hit stores, otherwise they are gone. I have to say the snow excites me about as much as it does Rylie. With the new commute it did slow me down a bit, I was about 3 minutes later than normal, what do you do when you work less than 5 miles from home?
Rylie also got her seasonal flu shot yesterday. I think she cried more in the waiting room because they had not toys (removed due to H1N1 I suppose) and I wouldn't let her read the books (same thought as removing the toys). She cried when they gave her the shot, but the nurse made up for the pain with the My Little Pony sticker she got afterwards...kind of like they planned on Rylie being there.
Grandma Disney arrived Rylie and her will have a fun fill rest of the week at home. I am sure Rylie will want to watch Cinderella or Bambi all long day. Though the plan is to make some homemade play dough and a cake. The big test will be if Rylie actually takes a nap for Grandma Disney. She fights that on Saturday's and I tell you, Sunday is never fun after a non-nap Saturday. Crabby! I'll be sure to update you on the fun days.

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