Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Taking Care of Her Big Sisters

So the dogs had been out in the rain for a while tonight. They come in all wet and are laying on the sofa. Rylie goes to pet them and realizes they are wet...what to do? Oh yes, if it is wet dry it off. So I suggest that she get a towel. At that she moves a kitchen chair so that she can reach the top of the table and gets a napkin. She then takes it to Nala and wipes her off, then she wipes off Kodi. The napkin is soaking wet now. So I tell her to throw it again and I get her a real towel, she then spends 15 minutes going back and forth between the 2 dogs drying them off. I don't think they thought it was cute...but I sure did. Boy does she lover her puppies:)

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