Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Potty Training Continues

We have had a very good potty training week. The big deal was that every morning of 5 days in a row now Rylie has pee-ed in the potty when she has woken up in the morning. Because daycare is not very consistent with the potty training we have not been to serious about it. On Thursday night Rylie opted for not reading a book so she could spend about 30 minutes sorting out her big girl underwear and putting it in piles. I stopped re-folding it after folding all the underwear 3 times. So Friday morning I told Rylie she could wear some big girl underwear when we got home from school and work. We broke out the Ariel underwear pee-ed once then had she wondered into the other room and started to cry that she pee-ed in her underwear, surprise for me it was not pee. Saturday we tried again with the big girl underwear while we were at home. No accidents, and no accidents when we went out and she wore pull-ups. We went to Maple Grove Days in the morning which is a festival of sorts at a near by city. She got to jump in the bouncers and go to the business expo where she got a lot of free stuff (ie. candy, water bottles, whistles, etc.). Surprising to us she made it home still dry and in time to pee in the potty. We would have had a perfect day, except we went to a couple stores after dinner only to get stuck in a tornado warning/straight line winds on the car ride home. Daddy had to do some serious defensive driving to avoid the flying branches and trees in the street on the way home. Rylie and I sat in the backseat and held hands. We got home ran to the basement and after it was finally safe to come out, Rylie had pee-ed in the pull-up. Have to say I don't really blame her for that one. Guess we'll go for a perfect day tomorrow. Won't daycare love it if she goes to school on Monday in big girl underwear, then they will have to deal with the potty training.

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