Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Monday, September 28, 2009

All Long Day

Today Rylie didn't want to go back to school, her plan was to stay home and "watch Bambi all long day." This is her new saying for all day long. She wants to do everything all long day. So tonight when we started our usual fight to go to sleep, she decided that she would pull the "I have to potty" bit and when she got on the toilet she said she was going to go "potty all long day." That would not have been very much fun for me, so we tried for 5 minutes then went back to bed. She was actually pretty good when Eric called to talk to her. She didn't let him talk, but she did talk to him. She said "hello, its me" over and over until I finally took the phone away. When she was in bed she asked where daddy was, I said daddy's gone and she says oh and that was that. I guess she understood that better than when I told her Wisconsin earlier today. I am just hoping she sleeps all night. Last night she woke up at 2am. We have just moved to bring her to bed with us when she does that, but tonight I won't be able to sleep if I do that, for fear that she will fall out of bed without the 2 of us to sleep between. I have to say the 2am is better than when she woke up at 4am a couple weekends ago, because she wanted to play horses with Grandma Disney. That morning we put her in bed with us turned on a video and went back to sleep. Someday she will be a teenager and learn the joys of sleeping in. I just hope that I can still sleep until noon at that point.

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