Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Late Christmas with the Eden Side

The Eden side of the family was finally able to get a break in the crazy snowy weather and come up to Minnesota this past weekend. The snow tied to keep them away yet again, but was a little too early. Rylie was excited about the grandma coming so that she could get more presents, it had been a bit of a break since Christmas and the new toy thrill was beginning to wear off. All week she was telling us that she wanted horses and books. She got to help me put the Christmas presents under the tree on Friday night which was pretty exciting for her. She was very persist as to where she put each present. She didn't get to wait up for everyone to get here, but was very excited for her 3rd Christmas morning on Saturday. I think she assisted everyone in opening their presents as well as all her own. I guess she is lucky that she is the only child so there is no competition. She was trilled to get the My Little Pony Nursery from Aunt Erin and Uncle John and of course she got more horse from Grandma Dayle and Grandpa John...just what she asked for. She got a lot more presents and has been pretty busy playing with all the new gifts. When we went out for a couple house on Sunday all she wanted to do was go home to play with her toys. In addition to all the Christmas fun, Nala made a new best friend or at least Charly (Erin and John's dog) made a new best friend in Nala. The good new for Erin and John is that Charly had so much fun that she may sleep for a week.

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