Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Monday, January 25, 2010

Walking with Dinosaurs?

About a year ago Walking with Dinosaurs came to Minneapolis. It is a show where they bring in these huge dinosaurs that are people dressed up but HUGE and they walk about the basketball arena. As soon as Eric saw the commercial he was all about going to see it. For the reason that Rylie was only 1 and because it was such a short showing we didn't go. Well all he has talked about since is going to see this next time it is here. Well they don't have any showing in Minneapolis, but it is going to Chicago in July and Eric is ready to pack up and go. He showed Rylie the commercial online and she said that "this is my new favorite show." I am worried because in the commercial they are interviewing kids who are about kindergarten age and they are saying how scary it is, and we are going to take a 2, at that point almost 3 year old? So I come up with the idea to let Rylie watch Jurassic Park, if that doesn't scare her then nothing will. So we watched it. She was pretty involved, which is not normal with real people movies, she much prefers the cartoons. There were parts when she would sit and shake. She was very concerned at the part when there was a dinosaur in the car, to which dad told her it is always important to check the car for dinosaurs before getting in. We did cover her eyes for the part when the man is eaten on the potty, mostly because we don't want to cause her fear of potties as we are trying to potty train her. Then at the end when they are being chased by the little mean dinosaurs and the T-Rex comes in, she was so excited that the nice T-Rex saved the people from the mean little dinosaurs. It was so nice that she could see something positive out of that ending. I guess we will see what happens in July if we go see Walking with Dinosaurs, I still have my fears.

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