Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Monday, January 18, 2010

Learning to Sleep In?

Rylie has been getting better about sleeping in her big girl bed these last few nights. This morning I went into her big girl room to wake her up for school. She was tired and didn't want to get up. Go figure on Monday morning she wants to sleep in, when on Saturday and Sunday she was up a 1/2 hour earlier than on school days. Anyway this morning I told her to stay asleep and I'd carry her to her baby room and get her dressed. She didn't go for that. So she got dressed and I put her down to walk to the bathroom. I went ahead of her and got her toothbrush all ready and the comb and rubber bands out, but Rylie had not followed me. So I go back to her baby room to see what she is doing and she had gotten in her baby bad and gone back to sleep. Maybe there is hope that Rylie will take after her mom when it comes to sleeping in:-)

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