Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just the Girls

Eric goes to Madison tomorrow for 3 that means he is putting her to bed tonight. I think we are really going to have to be better about the rotating bed wears me out to put her to bed every night. He does do it about every 3rd night, but I think every other is fair. We went to Fleet Farm today and as soon as we walked in the store Rylie asked if we were going to see the horses. This is funny because we have only been to Fleet Farm once, recently, and we did look at the horses then, but she got her "Bambi's" that time. She was very serious about what horses she wanted today. She had some left over birthday money and we kept telling her that she could not get the horses at Target because Fleet Farm is like half the price. So she picked out the 2 she wanted. We told her she could have 3, but she only wanted 2. When we left we went to McDonald's for dinner. It use to be when ever she saw a McDonald's she wanted French Fries, but now she has learned they have something better than French Fries...chocolate shakes...or as Rylie calls it "ice cream cone". Not sure where she learned that, it use to be all ice cream was a chocolate malt. She also got some new socks today. This is the new fun thing to buy because Target sells socks with Disney characters (ie. Snow White, Ariel, etc). She got a Bambi and Thumper pair last week and I guess she kept taking off her shoes at daycare to show the teachers Bambi. They will love us now...she has enough for a different pair everyday. We'll she has been crying for a while, guess I could go check on Eric, he has not master the art of rubbing her head, leg, stomach and back. Or maybe I'll just vacuum;)

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