Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What to do with an extra 9 hours a week?...

So tomorrow is my last day in my current position. I am staying with Target, but moving to a completely new job. The good part is that I will be so close to home now, and no more bus for me:) So as I was telling everyone about the fact that I was going to be saving 9 hours a week with commuting people asked what I was going to do with the extra time. One person said I needed to start a blog. So here I am. Now the question is will I really have time for this. If I was not spending 1-2 hours a night sitting in Rylie's room and telling her to get back in bed then maybe. I tell you the kid went to bed perfectly everynight and then she turned 2. We are going on week 3 of not going to bed. The nightly reason not to go to bed changes daily. Tonight we needed to sing, last night Eric took a turn so I don't really know the reason, the night before she told Eric he had to 'leave mommy and mimi (that is what Rylie calls herself) alone'. He took that well and left me to get her to sleep. The reason she wants us to be alone is that she can manipulate mom, all she has to say is 'mommy, I play with your hair' and I am all about letting her stay up. The sad thing is that she does this every night and I never get my hair played with. She takes the comb from me then give it right back and says 'thanks, welcome'. I let this continue because I know one of these days she will truly play with my hair. As we contiune down the not sleeping path I just think of a new reason why she will go to sleep tomorrow. So tomorrow is PJ party at daycare, she get to wear pajamas and bring her favorite stuffed animal (who is her puppy Cookie). Maybe that will may her sleepy tomorrow night? So with that said I'll end this. Maybe tomorrow I can tell everyone how she went to sleep without any issues. Not likely, I know.

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