Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home from the Wedding

So we are home from Aunt Erin's Wedding. It was a fun filled weekend. I am not sure how much sleep Rylie missed out on but she actually went to bed and napped without any issues today. That is the first time in almost a month. She did walk down the aisle without crying, but dad did have to walk with her. She was pretty good through most the ceremony (it was an hour), and I had a tight hold on her so that she could not leave the front pew. I kept looking for Eric so that I could s end he r to sit with him after she lost her thrill of playing with my flowers after about 30 minutes, but he was no where to be found. The funny part was that when Eric did his reading he was talking about God creating cattle, or something to that fact, and Rylie Moo-ed. I didn't know she even knew that cattle were cows. I was wishing that she was just 1 year old, the 3 year old flower girls did great. They actually fell asleep during the ceremony. Oh to have been that lucky. I ended up having to carry her out of the Church so my groomsman got more than he bargained for. There were a few hundred (200-300) people who Eric then had to dismiss from the church so I got to carry our 30lb daughter in very uncomfortable shoes for about 30 more minutes. While I was in that pain all I could think about was how there was no way I was going to take the provided transportation to the reception. I was a car trailer on the back of a truck with hay bales to sit on...I was picturing me with hay fever covered in hives having to leave to go home as soon as we arrived at the reception, no way. Needless to say I rode in the van with Eric and Rylie...I am way to city for some of this stuff. Rylie had the time of her life at the reception , Eric and I did not.
S he was all over the place. She tried to take out the big screen for the slide show, apparently the DJ and Eric were the only ones who noticed. Eric went outside w ith her through most the speeches, because she was being so crazy and screaming. I think she got 4 time-outs before the dancing started. That was when the fun really began for Rylie (and it was fun for us to watch) she was all about the dancing. She was ready to dance with anyone who was ready and able, or else she would dance alone. She only got hurt a could times, when too many people were on the dance f loor, or when she got to dizzy from spinning and ran into the tables. All she talked about today was how she danced with Aunt Erin or that she danced with boys. It was a fun time, but we were so glad to be home so that all 5 of us (Nala and Kodi included) could finally get some sleep.

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  1. Lindsay-do you have lipstick on?? I don't think I have ever seen you with make-up on!!