Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finally a new dishwasher

So we got our new dishwasher today. Oh what a happy day, I think we only washed dishes by hand 3 times, but I don't want to have to do that again. It is funny how the little things can excite you, like not having the silverware in the door or being able to fit cookie sheets in the bottom with plates. But I am a little upset that I paid extra for the "good brand" and they didn't put that on the outside door, come on give me something to show off.

We leave for Iowa in the morning. Aunt Erin is finally getting married. Rylie is the flower girl, so I bought her some fancy socks to wear with the dress and she told me they were not for her they were baby socks...not sure what makes socks baby socks over big girl socks? Tonight Eric got to put her to bed, she actually was kind of good tonight. It had to be the PJ day at school, it can't be that she didn't have me to manipulate. The funny thing of the night was that she discovered that daddy is fuzzy (in other words he needs to shave).

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