Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Monday, December 28, 2009

Big Girl Bed and Swimming!

Last night Rylie slept in her big girl room. She moved some toys and stuffed animals there during the day and all day we asked her where she was going to sleep at night, to which she replied in my big girl room. But when the time came to go to bed, she wanted to sleep in her little girl room. So when Mom and Dad went to bed, we moved her;) When she woke up she did cry a little, she does not normally do that, but she said she knew where she her big girl room. At nap time today she didn't want to sleep in the big girl room. I have a feeling we may be moving her for a while.

Today's fun event was that we went swimming at the Maple Grove Community Center. Last time we were there they had just opened the outdoor pool, so it had to have been in May. Rylie didn't seem to remember it. She was excited to go swimming and excited when she saw the pool, but not so excited when we went into the pool. She didn't want to walk in on her own, she wanted to be carried, and then once in the pool she would not let go of dad's neck. We held onto her for about 20 minutes before she started to get use to it. She liked the area that had bubbles (like the bathtub in mom and dads bathroom). Finally we got her to stand in the shallow end and she began walking back and forth from mom and dad. That was fun. We spent the next 45 minutes with her walking around the pool. She liked to "dip", go up and down in the shallow water by bending her knees. She also liked to jump in the pool, or have mom and dad help her jump in the pool (she was not ready to jump alone). She tired to go under water and dad had to show her how to hold her breath with her mouth closed so that she would stop swallowing the water. Overall it was a very fun time, she was not ready to leave so mom and dad offered her a chocolate malt (shake) from McDonalds. She was promised this yesterday when mom and dad rented a movie and we came home only to have her ask where the cheesy burger and chocolate malt where?

We also have a new word...Glassable which means breakable. As we have told her things are glass and breakable she has created and learned the meaning on Glassable meaning don't touch.

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