Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

Yesterday we took Rylie to see her 1st movie at the movie theater...Disney's The Princess and the Frog. Every time she saw the commercial she asked to watch the movie, so we finally got to go see it. She did very well, she was very impressed with the big TV. When the movie was starting she was making comments about all the things on the screen..."those are stars" "I love dalmatians" "that is a frog." We had to keep telling her not to talk, the theater was pretty busy. She tried to sit in her own set for awhile, but that didn't last too long. Once it got dark she ended up on Mom's lap. She did get a little tired during the movie, since it was so dark, but she didn't fall asleep. Towards the end of the movie she was back and forth between Mom's lap and Dad's lap. She is pretty proud today of the fact that she saw The Princess and the Frog in a movie theater, but I don't know if she would sign up to go to another movie anytime soon. Tomorrow we are going to the swimming pool and she has said she will be going down the toddler slide by herself. Last time we went to the swimming pool was last winter, so we'll see if she remembers it.

Daddy, Rylie and Mommy Snowman

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