Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last 2 Days of Fun

We had our final two fun days of Christmas Vacation, though there are still 4 days left for us to recuperate from all the fun:

On Tuesday we went to the Mall of America Nickelodeon Universe. Rylie got to ride the rides. The first ride was the carousel, on which she got to ride on Spirit's Mom, this was a very big deal and she was happy to talk about the fact that she rode on Spirit's mom during the rest of the rids.
Next we went on a Diego Van that went up in the sky in was a little scared of the heights but Rylie thought it was fun to ride on the "school bus".

Then we went on a Train ride, that was fine, but not as exciting as Spirit's Mom.

Then Daddy took Rylie on a balloon ride, she thought that was great, not only was dad on the ride with her, but it was like Minty's balloon (a new My Little Pony video she got for Christmas).

Then mom and Rylie went on Blues Clues, which was fun, but she had ridden before.

Then Dad and Rylie rode the big trucks around the moose.

The day was full of excitement and Rylie didn't want to leave, but mom and dad had had enough of holding Rylie in long lines, it was very busy.

On Wednesday we went to the Minnesota Children's Museum. They had a special dinosaur exbit that was the highlight of the trip for Rylie. We had been telling Rylie for days that we were going to go see dinosaur , so on Wednesday morning when she woke up and we asked what she wanted to do, she said "go see dinosaurs!" That was the first room we went to, they had a bunch of dinosaurs and even dinosaur eggs.
Rylie enjoyed petting all the dinosaurs and one even got a hug.
She says her favorite was the T-Rex, and he as scary. She says he was trying to "eat my hand."
Rylie also liked the baby room that had some little slides and bridges you could walk across.

They also had an ant room where you could call through the ant tunnels. It was a tight fit for mom, but since we didn't know where they holes came out someone had to go with her.

The other room that she liked a lot was a town, they had a bus, a post office, a doctors office, a house, a kitchen, a grocery store, and a few others. Rylie had fun in the dog house, cooking in the kitchen and grocery shopping.
After the museum we went to a famous St. Paul diner called Mickey's Diner. It was quite the experience, we sat at the counter and watched the cook make all the food. It was very small inside and very busy. Rylie got 2 big Mickey Mouse pancakes that the cook made special for her. When he asked her name and we tole him it was Rylie, he said that is a boy's name, to which Rylie replied "no, I'm a big girl." The food was very good, and Rylie ate all her pancakes, we were shocked she was able to eat all of them, but then again they were really good. The Mighty Ducks I, II, III, Jingle All the Way and A Prairie Home Companion movies contain scenes that were shot on location at Mickey's.

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