Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Eric, Lindsay and Rylie

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning

So yesterday Santa came to our house. On Christmas Eve Rylie was telling us that Santa was not going to come, and low and behold he must have dropped a present on his way flying over our house because 1 present ended up coming early. Christmas morning when Rylie woke up I told her that Santa came and brought her presents, to which she replied, no he didn't. Keep in mind that Rylie says no to just about everything right now. So we went downstairs and what was there? Presents.
Every time she would get a gift to open she would tell us that it was "a big present" I think of the 20ish presents she got only 2 were not big. She would open one present and then be excited to get what ever it was, lets use a horse as the example. Then she would get another present and before she even opened it would say "its another horse." The good thing was that most the items had multiple so she would get 2 horses, 1 princess dolls, 2 books, etc. She was just so happy with the 1st one that she need a 2nd one (see post on the other Cookie). 2 must always be better than 1 in Rylie world. There was 1 present that she was not sure what is was, so she said oh a box, still happy as can was the game Memory so that she can find the match. She thought for about 1/2 the presents that she needed mommy to help open them, until mommy went to the other room to get a garbage bag and she realized that if she did it herself she didn't have to wait on me. That is when her new favorite phrase came into play..."I do it my big self." Right now everything is about doing it her big self...walking, getting out of the car, taking off her coat, anything she can try to do her big self she does. She was pretty good about knowing what was in each gift with just the smallest hint, The My Little Pony symbol, she knew it was Ponies, the yellow dress on the doll she knew was Snow White, the mice on the back of the box she knew was Cinderella. Now all she wants to do is play with her toys, we went to Target this morning and as soon as we got home she ran it to play with her toys. Most of the playing is with the new barn and horses, to which she points and says "That's Rylie Barno." Not sure why she adds an "o".
Oh, and for that one thing she wanted...another Cookie...the new cookie is not as great as old Cookie, she wants him with her, but he does not get the privileges that old Cookie gets, sitting on the table, sleeping in bed, going to the store. I wonder what would have happened if we had just switched out old Cookie? She did think that new Cookie was old Cookie when she saw him in the stocking, but when she saw that there were 2 Cookies she squealed with joy.

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